Efficiency in Supply Chain provides great possiblities to affect profitability.

The starting point is to maximize the benefits of the comprehensive SCM functionality in the system. We ensure simple and efficient work processes by creating roll-based user interface where need, material flow, planning and stock availablity are visualized. For the requirement to optimize the use of raw materials, tight production resources, delivery and transport resources, etc., we recommend advanced tools for optimization and planning.

Today'e e-commerce often means that you sell products without having everything in your own warehouse. In this situation, it is important that e-commerce and PIM solutions are integrated with ERP solutions supply model, to ensure the supply of an item, information if the item is in stock and expected delivery time. The business system has hundreds of APIs for easy integration of various internal and external applications.

At iStone we have extensive experience and broad system expertise, but what is crucial in Supply Chain is that we have deep and extensive business expertise in processes and flows. Product-wise we work mainly with Optimity and Infor M3 SCM.

Broad system expertise

15+ years experience

Support 24/7

Specialists in businesses with physical flows of goods

Integrated systems in an entire corporate group

Winners of Radar's 2016 customer survey

Amir Adam

Senior Business Consultant, SCM

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