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How late is my purchase order?

In previous blog posts I have described features in the new list standard. The new list standard is a gold mine of good features, don´t forget about it! All programs listed in CMS005 have the new standard, and today I am going to describe how to create your own virtual field for a date comparison. (The new list standard is available from 13.2 and onwards).

How (and why) to add a reason code for corrective invoices in M3

There was a need to be able to add a reason code when the customer creates corrective invoices in M3. How can we solve that without modifying the Java code?

This is a great guide to Enterprise Search in Infor M3

How to access a great guide to Enterprise Search in by Infor Xtreme.

Create smart shortcuts using enterprise search

In the newer versions of Smart Office/H5, you have the possibility to use enterprise search links as shortcuts. This can give the user a lot of value!

What to do when functionality disappears?

It is not often, but sometimes a function in M3 disappears when you upgrade your previous version to the newest one. Here is a recent case and how we solved it.