With nearly 100 first-line and more than 500 second-line consultants, you can be sure that we will be quick to respond when something unexpected happens with your business-critical systems.

We have a well-developed infrastructure and established processes for managing all types of incidents, errors and problems 24/7.

With deep system and industry expertise, in-house certification of our consultants and a solution-driven business culture, we are ready for a long-term overall responsibility for your business-critical systems.

Risk-minimized operation and support 24/7

Experts in business-critical systems

In-house certification of consultants

Winners of Radar's 2016 customer survey

More than 300 clients in the manufacturing industry

Solution-driven business culture

Rickard Schlyter

Business Area Manager, Operation & Support

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The ingredients for efficient support

In order to deliver fast and efficient support you need a well thought out and tested process for how to deal with all types of incoming issues.